Our AS-T is a replacement off road spindle for the VW Thing that we offer in a stock height or raised version. It is made to use with your existing ball joint tie rod ends, ball joints and drum brakes. Some disc brake can be used as well. The added lift allows you to retain your 40/60 (compression- rebound settings) for a better off road ride.

AS-T $000.00 per pair



Chromolly spindle stub,
Comes with spacers for stock drum brakes and can be used with some disk brakes.
It comes drilled and tapped with 10 x 1.5 metric threads for the brake mount. Longer bolts might be needed depending on brake selection.


Comes in a standard height or 1 1/8 ,
2 inch and 3 inch lift.
Comes with standard Ball Joint chromolly Stub or the larger Combo Stub.
The AS-T can be ordered with the stock Ball Joint tie rod mount, the International tie rod mount or for Hiem ends.
The AS-T can also be drilled for stock speedo cable. (Some lift height may interfere  with speedo hole).